A preview video of Lawn Darts VR


Role: Programmer

Tools Used: Unity3d

Collaborators: Breeana Ebert

Lawn Darts VR is a game for the Oculus Rift made for the Research Topics in Game Development class at CMU. The only goal of the project was to make a game based on the backyard game, Lawn Darts. In this game, players are attacked by wave after wave of angry parents trying to ban Lawn Darts and must defend themselves using these very same darts.


Looking up the history of Lawn Darts online, we found that they were banned in the United States due to a campaign started by a single parent who was upset about the safety of the game. We wanted the gameplay to be somewhat similar to Call of Duty: Zombies, where players hold down their ground as wave after wave of zombies attack them, except in our game the context is of angry protesting parents instead.


The game was made using the Unity game engine and its built-in Oculus packages. The game can be played using an Oculus Rift with an Xbox gamepad controller. In game, the player is able to move around, jump, and throw lawn darts. The art assets were all gathered from the Unity store and a number of other free 3d model websites online. Unfortunately due to time constraints we were never able to make custom art for the game, aside from the protest sign asset that I modeled in Autodesk Maya for parents to hold.

Protest sign asset

The protest sign, modeled and textured in Autodesk Maya.

The setting takes place in a relatively simple backyard setting, that features a house, a playground, and a forest area. Enemies spawn randomly from one of those three areas and move towards the player. The level and spawn points are set up in a way where enemies will have to travel along a streamlined path to reach the player, so players will have a chance to kill the enemies before they reach a point where they coud harm the player.

Aerial view of backyard

An aerial view of the backyard where the game takes place.

The game lasts as long as the player is able to keep the onslaught of angry parents at bay. Players are able to keep track of their health based on how red their vision is; at full health the vision will be normal, but will start to gain a red tint as they start to get hit. Once a player loses all of their health, they are presented with the number of kills they got in their playthrough.

Screen with red tint

The screen tints red as the player receives damage.

Game over screen

The Game Over screen.


The game was only ever presented to the Research Topics class, but an executable of the final version can be downloaded here.

Note: The game requires both Windows and an Oculus Rift and Xbox controller in order to play.