The final version of Don't Need Wings to be Fly


Role: Animator & Editor

Tools Used:CMU Mocap Lab, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere CC

Collaborators: Rhea Nayyar

Don't Need Wings to be Fly is a Maya animation produced as part of my Experimental Animation class.


The purpose of the project was to use motion capture data to create an animation. My partner and I decided that for our project we wanted to explore using human motion capture data on a non-human rigged character.

The animation itself features two kiwi birds engaged in an epic hip-hop dance battle in the middle of the forest.


The motion capture data was captured in Carnegie Mellon's Motion Capture lab, with fellow student Daniel See serving as the dancer to be recorded. Once everything was captured, I brought the captured data into Autodesk Maya and attached it to the kiwi rig (found at and slightly adjusted for the purposes of this project) using the Human IK plugin.

The Making Of: Don't Need Wings to be Fly


Don't Need Wings to be Fly was presented in my Experimental Animation class, and is available publicly on my Vimeo page.